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Monday, October 13, 2014

Heather Garden in the Spring Time

© Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_01 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_02© Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_03 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_04 (1) © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_05© Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_06 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_07 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_08 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_09 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_10© Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_21 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_11 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_12 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_13 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_14© Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_15 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_16 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_17 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_18© Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_19 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_20 © Amie Whiting_2014_Winter Morning Heather Garden_22

A few weeks ago as Spring began peeping into awareness, I went out for an early morning wander through Christchurch's Botanic Gardens with my camera. One of my favourite little places to pass time there is the Heather and Rock Garden. It was a brisk morning with dew drops clinging to all of the tiny flower petals, and hues of lilac and mossy green everywhere. I felt like I could have been in the garden of a Scottish castle! The early morning light looked like crystals in the dew drops and made for beautiful lens flare in my photos. 
As you can see I was still rugged up in warm boots and a coat as the mornings are still chilly!
It was so nice getting up early and having some time to myself before getting into a hectic week- are there any little rituals you have to bring some zen into your day?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Christchurch's Own Tropical Jungle Conservatory

Botanical Conservatory_01Botanical Conservatory_02 Botanical Conservatory_03 Botanical Conservatory_04 Botanical Conservatory_05Botanical Conservatory_06 Botanical Conservatory_07 Botanical Conservatory_08Botanical Conservatory_09 Botanical Conservatory_10 Botanical Conservatory_11Botanical Conservatory_12 Botanical Conservatory_13 Botanical Conservatory_14Botanical Conservatory_15 Botanical Conservatory_16 Botanical Conservatory_17Botanical Conservatory_18 Botanical Conservatory_19 Botanical Conservatory_20 Botanical Conservatory_21Botanical Conservatory_22 Botanical Conservatory_23Botanical Conservatory_24 Botanical Conservatory_25Botanical Conservatory_26 Botanical Conservatory_27
|Tights- Tempt| Blouse- Mums!| Hat- Similar here| Shoes-Rubi

Since the 2011 Earthquake the Hagley Park botanical conservatory- Cunningham House has been closed for earthquake repairs...and now it's finally open again! This was one of my favourite little places to escape to in Christchurch, like a tropical oasis in our wintery city, So Andrew and I made some time last weekend on a beautiful sunny afternoon to visit the reopened building. 
Cunningham House was originally opened in 1923. In the early days of Christchurch's establishment it was a very "English" city, so the pioneers brought with them British gardening traditions. Cunningham House is a good example of this; The Victorians used to make exhibitions out of exotic, far away curiosities including ancient artefacts, taxidermy animals, objects and botanics. This era of thinking is evident in the building in its tall airy windows and layout so the plants can be looked at like a museum exhibit. It's such a beautiful collection of tropical jungle plants that you wouldn't normally find growing in cold Canterbury! 
In a nod to monumental buildings, I wore my Renaissance chapel tights which reminded me a little of the structure of the conservatory (Minus the winged cherubs!) The airy white blouse is vintage, belonging to my Mum in the 80's (Thanks Mum!) I love it because I can wear it loose and baggy or tie it into a crop top. I'm always trying to incorporate at least one retro/ vintage/ op-shop item into my outfit...This blouse looks so chic you can hardly tell that it's from the 80's! I look for any excuse to wear a hat and it was such a sunny winter day outside that I needed it! Bring on the beautiful spring sunshine!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Girls Day Out: Waipara Wine Trail Tour

Waipara winery tour_01 Waipara winery tour_02Waipara winery tour_03 Waipara winery tour_04 Waipara winery tour_05Waipara winery tour_06 Waipara winery tour_26Waipara winery tour_08 Waipara winery tour_09 Waipara winery tour_10Waipara winery tour_11 Waipara winery tour_12 Waipara winery tour_13Waipara winery tour_14 Waipara winery tour_15 Waipara winery tour_16Waipara winery tour_17 Waipara winery tour_18Waipara winery tour_19 Waipara winery tour_20 Waipara winery tour_21Waipara winery tour_22 Waipara winery tour_23 Waipara winery tour_24Waipara winery tour_25 Waipara winery tour_27Waipara winery tour_28 Waipara winery tour_29 Waipara winery tour_30 Waipara winery tour_31 Waipara winery tour_32Waipara winery tour_33 Waipara winery tour_34

Last weekend in a bid to get some serious catch up time with friends, we decided to do something extra special- an all inclusive Winery tour! As it was two of our beautiful friends birthdays to celebrate, it was a great excuse to treat ourselves to a day of deliciousness and fun!
We booked our tour through Tour Finda which included a lovely driver for the afternoon, our own private mini bus, pick up and drop off where we needed and all wine tastings included for around 6 hours!
We visited Pegasus Bay, Waipara Springs, Waipara Hills and Torleese. Each winery had a wine I absolutely loved, and we all ended up going home with bottles collectively from all of the Wineries... They were all too delectable to pass taking one of the wines home!
As we were all relative newbies to wine tasting (apart from those $6 bottles of wine that got us through uni! haha) we all ended up falling in love with the lighter, sweeter, floral Rieslings. Interestingly most of us ended up changing our minds about Chardonnay! We had all previously experienced Chardonnay as cheap, tacky pungent wine- but we were so pleasantly surprised that it actually could taste delicious, especially paired with the right food. 
As a consumer, sustainable business practice is incredibly important to me (even through the haze of a few wines!).  It was great to see that every winery we went to ran their wine making sustainably- So we felt extra inclined to indulge in our tastings!
The staff at each vineyard were incredibly knowledgable and gregarious, so we learnt a lot about how wine is grown, harvested, fermented and stored. it was a great introduction into the world of wine tasting and we joked through the day about expanding our wine tasting vocabularies!
With all of the tastings included, it was more than enough to see us merrily through the day. We were even lucky enough to drive home to a breathtaking sunset across the North Canterbury skyline. Our wine trail tour made for such a lovely day of fun and quality catch up time with each other- I totally recommend getting your girlfriends together and treating yourself to a Vineyard tour in your corner of the world!

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