Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

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Last night Andrew and I saw one of the best examples of artistic direction and cinematography in a film that we've ever seen! Moonrise Kingdom, by Wes Anderson. In a very brief nutshell, it's about two 12 year old's who fall in love, run away together and have the whole little island they live on searching for them! Moonrise Kingdom screams 1960's nostalgia in sepia tone variations of colour, and every little detail for the set and style of the film were poured over by the set decorators. They researched 1950's and 1960's boys scouts books to come up with the perfect camp site down to every little piece, in particular the gorgeous little yellow tent. The tent was based on designs from sixties and seventies campware with pipe framing and a thin snap piece nylon covering. They even sourced most of the set props from little vintage stores, or just DIY'd from recycled or natural materials!
This really bought up nostalgia for me about what the world must have looked and felt like for children in the 1960's; spending so much time in nature, the adventure of the wild outdoors, getting lost in books and music on records, the popularity of patriotic boy scouts clubs, writing to a pen pal...So different to the world of computer games and television screens children are glued to today.
And don't even get me started on the fashion! I'm sure I was born in the wrong era. I think I'll dedicate another post to the fashion, because every 5 minutes, I was squealing at the costume design in the film!
Any movies that you've seen lately where something in particular about it really stood out for you? 


  1. Moonrise is such a lovely film right! So weird and artsy yet lovely too! Thanks so much for the sweet comment Amie! I hope your halloween is going spooky and amazing too! Do you celebrate halloween/are you dressing up??

    1. I wish I had the chance to celebrate Halloween this weekend, but I've been bogged down by uni work!, Usually I do, if I did get the chance to dress up this time around I'd have loved to have gone as a Day of the Dead looking girl! What about you?!


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