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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Armchair Travel to Paris through Airbnb's Neighbourhood Guides

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Hello everyone! Gosh it seems like such a long time since I've payed attention to my poor wee blog and all of you beautiful people, so my apologies to you all- I've had a lot on my plate!
 Mostly, my very hard work the past few weeks has been directed at my thesis. However, I may have worked myself too hard as I've been bed ridden since last Thursday and interrupted by a trip into hospital over the weekend because I was so sick. I still can't get off the couch I'm so unwell, so off to the doctors again today...I feel like having a pity party for myself! haha.

But on a lighter note, when I have been able to keep my eyes open for a while, I have been a little bit obsessed with exploring Paris from afar! I stumbled upon possibly the coolest travel website I have ever come across; Airbnb-It's a nifty site for booking rooms or entire apartments as a much cheaper option than hotels when traveling anywhere in the world. My curiosity took me and there are so many beautiful, very reasonably priced rooms/ apartments in every corner of the world!

To my delight, Airbnb also have "neighbourhood guides" breaking down some of the basics and beautiful photography of all of the suburbs in many main cities of the world. I have always been so curious as to what nooks and crannies make up the worlds biggest cities, and you can easily explore this from your own computer. I can see this having so many benifits; a more efficient way to plan your trips abroad to make the most of your precious time, discovering hidden treasures removed from the tourist traps, staying with locals so you really get immersed in the culture...the neighbourhood guides could even be helpful if planning a big move by knowing which neighbourhood could be useful to get started in!

I got lost for hours trawling through the beautiful photographs of the many neighbourhoods of Paris, making mental note of the many places I would love to visit when I eventually get around to my big OE.  The photographs above are some of my favorites. 

If you want to fully immerse yourself in some more armchair travel to the city of love, I also found a wonderful 3 part travel/ history documentary of Paris; you can check out episode 1episode 2 and episode 3 by clicking on the links. 
And while I'm on the obsession-with-paris tangent for the day, I'm going to do something very stereotypical and pop my dvd of Amelie in the player! haha. Au revior!  
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