Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Botched Photo's on my Blog...Issues with Flickr!


Hello lovelies, I do hope your weeks are all going well! As you may have noticed over the past 24 hours viewing my blog, that there are lots of missing links to photo's...a bloggers worst nightmare!!!!!
All of the links to my photographs have broken- So that means going back and recoding every single blog post with the new URL's for each photograph. (I keep telling myself to just breath!!!) 
After indulging in a light panic attack, I am working furiously at getting it all fixed and am looking at changing my image host provider...any recommendations fellow bloggers?! Thank you all so much for putting up with ikky looking posts until I have this all fixed!...Meanwhile, Here is a pretty photo for you of my leisurely Saturday morning bike ride! 


  1. Thank you for this sharing post. i really like it. keep posting more vintage things.

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Thank you for your lovely words! I read and cherish, and try to reply to every single comment you leave xox

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